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Church Offering Envelopes and More

Hermitage Art has been a leading provider of fine quality, lithographic church bulletins since 1924. Since that time, their line has expanded to include church offering envelopes, program materials, school documents, and much more. Read on to learn more about the options we offer in Church envelopes.

If you are seeking cost-effective and high quality offering envelopes, you will notice that we have quite a wide selection here. They fall into some general categories to make browsing a bit easier:

General offering envelopes for year round use
Christmas and fall envelopes that offer festive touches
Easter and spring selections
Bilingual envelopes for inclusive communities

Church offering envelopes serve several purposes for the members of your congregation. They are a convenient method for members to make their contributions, make for easy budgeting by both the contributor and the recipient, and by choosing fine artwork to display, further solidify the mission and unity of your church.

Let Hermitage Art be your singular source for all of your celebratory materials, from weekly gatherings to special occasions and events. Coordinate the materials used for specific seasons or initiatives and even school materials if you have an affiliated parochial program. Not only do we create beautiful original artwork for church bulletins, school programs, and other materials, we also take great pains to meet the needs of our clientele, by providing materials in different languages, for many communities and denominations. We also keep our prices competitive and offer excellent customer service. Providing top notch materials and a smooth ordering process keeps our customers coming back for all of their needs.

Visit out product pages to see all of the designs we offer and to learn more about what we can offer your organization. We look forward to providing the beautiful materials that add to your mission.

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