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Graduation Program Covers

Children, adults, and teachers all enjoy school graduation ceremonies. Although often bittersweet, the memories from this day often last a lifetime.

Customized graduation program covers can add a special touch to the ceremony as well as become a cherished keepsake of the event. Details can be included in these mementos like the name of the class valedictorian and the titles of the songs to be sung. Along with the diplomas and other school certificates handed out on graduation day, these covers will be enjoyed and preserved by their recipients. With ease of ordering and customization, our Website can help send these products to your school quickly and efficiently. Browse our offerings and see the vast collection of school program covers that we have in stock.

School Certificates: Customized Keepsakes

The years in school often implant permanent memories of friendships found and accomplishments experienced. Keepsakes like school certificates help to trigger these fond memories. Additionally, at the time of receipt of these awards, a child is filled with pride. A paper certificate like this will often be put in a frame or a protected scrapbook page in order to preserve it. Year after year, these items may be perused and enjoyed by the child and his or her family members. When planning the details of your next set of certificates, make sure to consider color, wording, and quality of paper in order to create just the right school mementos for your deserving students.

School Program Covers

School administration professionals usually plan for months for various programs throughout the year. Staff and students want their recitals, plays, and debates to be performed to perfection.

School program covers can add the final touch to a school event by being an elegant way to inform the audience about all important details. An added bonus is that these items will likely be kept as keepsakes by the children and their family members.

Graduation program covers can also be customized with a multitude of colorful choices. These event covers are sure to please the students and their families. In fact, these pieces may be enjoyed as souvenirs for years to come.

Let Hermitage Art be your gateway to finding the perfect school event stationery. We are experts in this field, and we seek to provide you with quality products and unsurpassed service. You can also find Wedding and Church Bulletins at Hermiate Art!

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